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Invited Lectures---Dr. Guoyin Shen (Carnegie Institution of Washington,USA)
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  Title:Extreme conditions science at hard X-ray synchrotron sources


   Date:2012.04.26   9:30 AM


  Location:415 meeting room of the main building of IHEP




  Materials subjected to the extremes of pressure, temperature, and electromagnetic fields often display novel electronic, magnetic, and structural properties. Discovering and understanding these phases of matter can provide key insight for understanding the nature of planet interiors and for designing new materials and improving their properties. The most extreme sample conditions, however, can typically be realized only over relatively small volumes. With its intrinsic brilliance, high-penetrating power, and nanometer spatial resolution, high energy synchrotron radiation provides an ideal probe for revealing the structure, correlations, and dynamics of electrons, atoms, and spins of materials in extreme environments. This talk will highlight a few examples of the exciting frontier for synchrotron radiation research together with the simultaneous application of multiple extreme conditions.


  Introduction of Dr. Guoyin Shen:

  Hisresearch has focused on studying material properties under conditions of high pressure and at various temperatures. He serves as Director of the High Pressure Collaborative Access Team (HPCAT) which is located at sector 16 of the Advanced Photon Source, and is managed by the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

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