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1W1A-Diffuse X-ray Scattering

1W1A is a diffuse X-ray scattering beamline operating at 8.05 keV and 13.9 keV, which locates at I quadrant of BEPC and 12# experimental hall. It supplies double focusing monochromatic light and supports the structure researches on crystal and thin-film materials. It could run both in the dedicated mode of synchrotron radiation and in the parasitic mode.


Supported techniques:

    Coplanar X-ray diffraction/scattering

    Grazing incidence X-ray diffraction/scattering

    X-ray reflectivity/Non - specular X-ray scattering

    Grazing incidence small angle X-ray scattering (GISAXS)



    Defect in crystal materials

    Thin-film materials

    Surface/interface of multilayer film



Beamline equipments

   Huber five-circle diffractometer

   Detectors: NaI detectors, one-dimension position-sensitive detector;

   The system of control and data acquirement: SPEC


Beamline Specs




    Energy Range

8.05 keV, 13.9 keV

    Resolution (ΔE/E)

4.4 x 10-4

    Flux (photons/sec)

>1 x 10 11 @8.05 keV

    Beam Size (HxV)

 0.7mm x 0.4 mm



Local Contacts:

Name: Quanjie Jia       Phone: 0086-10-88235994  Email: jiaqj@ihep.ac.cn 

Name: Huanhua Wang     Phone: 0086-10-88235994   Email: wanghh@ihep.ac.cn 

Name: Yu Chen       Phone: 0086-10-88235994  Email: chen_yu@ihep.ac.cn


Current Status: Shut Down/Accepting Proposals

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