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1W2B-Macromolecular crystallography

1W2B is a Macromolecular crystallography beamline operating in the 5-18 keV range, which locates at I quadrant of BEPC and 15# experimental hall. It’s mainly used to do X-ray diffraction and X-ray Absorption Fine Structure. It runs not only in the dedicated mode of synchrotron radiation but also in the parasitic mode.


Supported techniques:

  Macromolecular crystallography

    Multi-wavelength/Single-wavelength Anomalous Dispersion

       Multiple/Single isomorphous replace

    Molecular replace

  Micromolecule crystallography

  X-ray Absorption Fine Structure



  Biological Macromolecular

  Organic/Inorganic micromolecule


Beamline equipments

  Rigaku-007 X-ray apparatus

  Mar345 Image Plate Detector

  Sample Preparation room

  Cryogenic Sample Changer(Marresearch, 18 samples)

  Oxford cryogenic freezing system

  multichannel scanning system

  Outer cold-light source optical microscope

  Thermotank (18-22 ℃)

  Protein Crystallography Lab


Beamline Specs



    Energy Range

5-18 keV

    Resolution (ΔE/E)

Over 4 x 10-4

    Flux (photons/sec)


    Beam Size (HxV)

1mm x 0.6 mm


Local Contacts

    Name: Peng Liu        Phone: 0086-10-88235998    Email: liup@ihep.ac.cn

   Name: Guangcai Chang      Phone: 0086-10-88236710    Email: changgc@ihep.ac.cn


Current Status: Operational in the coupling mode/Accepting General Users

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