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4B7B-Soft X-ray Optics

4B7B is a soft X-ray optics beamline and locates at IV quadrant of BEPC and 12# experimental hall. It’s mainly used for spectroscopy and optical metrology. This beamline runs not only in the dedicated mode of synchrotron radiation but also in the coupling mode.


Supported techniques:

   Soft X-ray spectroscopy

   X-ray magnetic circular dichroism

   Optical metrology




   X-ray metrology


Beamline equipments

   Fluorescence detector

   Cryogenic equipment

   Magnetic field device

Beamline Specs



   Energy Range

50-1700 eV

   Flux (photons/sec)

1010@ Fe L edge

   Resolution (E/ΔE)


   Beam Size (HxV)

Conducting sample 1mm×0.1mm

nonconducting sample 4mm×2mm


Local Contacts

   Name: Yidong Zhao      Phone: 0086-10-88235979      Email: zhaoyd@ihep.ac.cn



Current Status: Operation in the coupling mode/Accepting General Users
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