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4W1A-X-ray Imaging

4W1A is a X-ray Imaging beamline and locate at IV quadrant of BEPC and 12# experimental hall. It’s mainly used for crystal morphology and Phase-contrast imaging. Since 2010, this beamline has set up a nano-imaging facility, the three-dimensional resolution of which has already achieved at 30nm. This beamline only runs in the dedicated mode of synchrotron radiation.


Supported techniques:           


   Phase-contrast imaging

   Nano-resolution three-dimensional imaging   



   Formation of Crystal Defects

   In-situ observation of crystal-phase transformation

   In-situ observation of the dynamic behavior of materials under loaded or warmed conditions

   Inner structure of Biomedical material and composite material

   Principle and method research of phase contrast imaging

   Research of nano-resolution three-dimensional imaging


Beamline equipments

   Equipments for crystal morphology

     Double-crystal monochromator

      Two-axis Diffractometer

      Ionization chamber

   Equipments for X-ray phase contrast imaging

      Optical table 2200 mm × 1200mm

      CCD detector

     Installation for phase contrast CT imaging: two crystals, sample rotating floor

   X-ray nano-resolution three dimensional imaging microscope

   Detectors: Ionization chamber, X-ray CCD detector, X-ray CCD detector with adjustable resolution, Fuji X-ray photo

Beamline Specs



   Imaging Mode

Phase contrast imaging

   Energy Range

6-22 keV

   Flux (photons/sec)

1010@ 8keV

   Spatial Resolution

10 μm

   Beam Size (HxV)

 20mm x 10mm

   Imaging Mode

Nano-resolution Imaging

   Energy Range

5-12 keV

   Flux (photons/sec)

108@ 8keV

   Spatial Resolution

30nm, 50nm, 100nm

   Beam Size (HxV)

10μm x 10μm, 15μm x15μm, 60μm x60μm


Local Contacts

   Name: Qingxi Yuan          Phone: 0086-10-88235990      Email: yuanqx@ihep.ac.cn

   Name: Wanxia Huang         Phone: 0086-10-88235990         Email: huangwx@ihep.ac.cn

   Name: Kai Zhang           Phone: 0086-10-88236478       Email: zhangk@ihep.ac.cn


Current Status: Shut down/Accepting Proposals
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