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Become a new user of BSRF

How to become a new user of BSRF?



1  Submit Proposals

To become a user of BSRF, the first step is to submit a proposal [Download]. You should get in touch with the beamline personnel and definite a contact person before submitting your Proposal. After completing what mentioned above, you can send your proposal to the Users Office of



2  Proposal Review and management

When BSRF Users Office receives the proposals,they will arrange a process of review:

(1) The feasibility of the proposal should be approved by beamline scientists;

(2) The scientific meaning and importance of the proposals should be reviewed by two experts.

(3) According to the result of review,proposal will be decided whether it is approved. And the result will be sent to you. Generally, each proposal is valid in two years.

(4) If the experiment is very important and urgent, you can contact with the director of BSRF directly for a beamtime arrangement.



3  Beamtime arrangement and use

(1) The total beamtime for each proposal is determined by the review result.

(2) BSRF user office will send a beamtime requisition to all the users before the operation of BSRF. And the deputy person of the station will assign the beamtime to the users according to their needs.

(3) Generally, the beamtime could not be changed at random. If there is any special case needing a change necessarily, you should get permission both of other users and beamline personnel, and inform user office in time.

(4) If the experiment can’t be carried out as planned duo to reasons of the accelerator or the beamline, the beamtime can’t be postponed in principle.  Users should have a consultation with the deputy person of beamline for additional beamtime.

(5) If users can’t come to BSRF for experiments as arrangement, you should inform the BSRF contact person at least a week in advance. If beamtime is wasted duo to the action of users, BSRF will reduce their beamtime according the situation.

(6) Users can’t carry out experiments which has no relationship with the proposal. If it happens, the beamtime will be cancelled.

User should write clearly that the experiments are done in BSRF if the results in your article are got according to the experiments carried out in BSRF.
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