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Investigation and fabrication of ternary organic photovoltaics
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Prof. Zhang Fujun’ group from Beijing Jiaotong University investigated the influence of the third component on the molecular arrangement of blend films by grazing incident X-ray diffraction (GIXRD) carried out at 1W1A station of BSRF, which provided more solid support for the performance change of OPVs. The related work was published in Nano Energy 59 (2019) 58, Nano Energy 60 (2019) 768, Nano Energy 55 (2019) 424. In the ternary systems based on PBDB-T-2F:FTTCN:IT-2F or PM6:J71:Br-ITIC as the active layers, more ordered face-on orientation can be obtained by incorporating appropriate amount (20%) of the third component (FTTCN or J71). The more ordered molecular arrangement should be beneficial to charge transport in ternary active layers, which can well support performance improvement of OPVs. In the PM6:J71:Br-ITIC based ternary system, the molecular arrangement can be kept well when the J71 content is increased to 60 wt% in donors, suggesting the good compatibility of used materials. In PTB7-Th:BDTThIT-4F:IEICO-4F based ternary system, the face-on orientation is gradually weakened and the edge-on orientation is gradually enhanced along with the incorporation of IEICO-4F, which can well explain the change of fill factor.


Fig. The GIXRD profiles of blend films based on PBDB-T-2F:FTTCN:IT-2F (a,b), PTB7-Th:BDTThIT-4F:IEICO-4F (c,d) and PM6:J71:Br-ITIC(e).


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