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A research team of Jilin university State Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials successfully synthesized the high-purity two-dimension single-crystalline SnSe nanosheets, which high-pressure behaviors have been investigated. Their research has been published on May 18th, 2015 in Nanoscale.

A team from China Agricultural University published their research in Nature Communications on March 23th, 2015. The research is about “the amino-terminal structure of human Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein obtained using precipitant-immobilized imprinted polymers”.

In this contribution, a novel design strategy about nonplanar but conjugated BTP-based polymeric semiconductors (PBTP-IDG,PBTP-DPP, and PBTP-NDI, Figure 1) has been reported by Chen and co-workers. By incorporating the nonplanar BTP units into the polymer backbones, the solubility, possibility, aggregation structure, and device performance of the BTP-based polymer semiconductors has been well tuned. The field-eff...

A team from Beijing Institute of Technology reported on the successful synthesis of hierarchically porous Mo2C/C hybrid comprised with nanoparticels (4~7 nm) by a simple and effective freeze-drying method. Additionally, the structure characterization and Li-storage mechanism were also intensitively investigated. This research work has been published in the journal of Nano Energy on Dec., 2015.

A team from Tianjin university of technology systematically investigated the local structures and electronic structures of doped Fe ions as well as the correlation with the structural defects, and further investigates the corresponding magnetic and transport properties in the Fe-doped In2O3 films. Their research has been published on March 15th, 2015 in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

Noble metal clusters are composed of several to hundreds of atoms with ultrasmall size ( < 2 nm), including Ag3、Ag4、Au25 etc. The determinant chromophore can be tunable from ultraviolet to near-infrared fluorescence with high quantum yield. More important, the surface functionalization of cluster is promising for the cell targeting imaging. Very recently, the noble metal clusters have attracted much attention as...
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